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Who We Are

High Fidelity is a team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts who have come together to produce premium solventless products that stay true to the essence of their original flower. Pressed with finesse and crafted with care, High Fidelity is proud to offer an exquisite menu of solventless extracts with the same high-quality products we’ve always been known for.

The Process

Photo of Rainbow Driver flower

Fire Genetics & Inputs

Making premium solventless products starts with top-shelf genetics. We’re fortunate to be selecting from some incredible sources, including genetics that we have pheno-hunted specifically for our solventless extractions. For example, the Rainbow Driver we selected for our Platinum Line is the same rainbow driver you have come to know and love from us and was grown in organic living soil by Woody Nelson, in Nelson, BC, which also happens to be the place we call home.

Photo of the water extraction system.

Ice Water Extraction & Mechanical Separation

High Fidelity’s solventless extraction processes have been refined over years of meticulous research and development. We focus on purity and prefer a gentle wash and low temp and pressure presses. We handle our rosin very little throughout the process and then cold cure to specification for each cultivar. Every product we ship is handmade and packaged by the same team that washed and pressed, and always has created the High Fidelity you know and love.

Photo of gold rosin being pressed

Specialized Equipment In A
State-Of-The-Art Facility

We gently wash our fresh frozen in the Low Temp Osprey in our cold, state of the art, purpose-built processing space. We dry our hash with a Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer and a press using a Pure Pressure Longs Peak rosin press to ensure top quality all the way through the process. Hand packaged with care, by the High Fidelity team.


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Rainbow Driver
1g Live Rosin

Zkittlez x Sundae Driver

THC 70.8% | TERPS 7.4%​

Available now
Platinum Line, Rainbow Driver Rosin

Product Details

Rainbow Driver Live Rosin is a flavorful concentrate with a big citrus and gas profile, made from whole plant fresh frozen. The cultivar is Sundae Driver x Zkittlez, bred by Archive Seed Bank and grown by Woody Nelson, in their 3-tier, vertical farming LSO flower room. Cold cured for optimal quality, it boasts a THC of 70.89% and a terpene content of 7.42%.

Enjoy the big taste and high with Platinum Line Live Rosin

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Coming Soon

Diamonds and Sauce product on a metal tool.

Diamonds & Sauce

High Fidelity’s Solventless Diamonds and Sauce are a one-of-a-kind premium cannabis extract with impressive potency and flavor profile.

The diamonds in this extract have a 91% THC content, while the sauce contains 50% THC and 17% terpenes, providing a well-rounded and full-bodied experience. This extract is made using proprietary mechanical separation techniques, and fractional melting, creating a unique new product sure to wow even the most experienced consumer.

Gold Line

High Fidelity’s Gold Line Rosin is a premium cannabis extract that offers a bold flavor profile. This rosin is made from hand-selected cultivars from various lineages and breeders, all of which have been grown by experienced producers. The inputs are made from whole plant fresh frozen, and the rosin is cold cured which helps to preserve the terpene and cannabinoid profiles, resulting in a potent and flavorful extract that delivers a well-rounded experience that is sure to delight.

Gold Line Rosin from an aerial view
Terp sauce in a small glass spoon like tool.


Experience the ultimate vaping experience with our premium quality Live Rosin Vape Pen. Made with the same top-grade inputs used in our renowned rosin products, our vape pen features the AVD's cutting-edge technology, specifically designed for low temperature operations, allowing for the optimal preservation of flavor and effect.

how to tap in

We’re committed to delivering the same level of quality that our reputation was built on. That’s why our platinum line products will be produced in small batches and launching as a limited time offer, so make sure to get it while you have the chance.

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Live rosin on a metal tool.

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